Basement Renovation Adds Home Value

Basement Renovation Adds Home Value


Basement Renovation Adds Home Value

Would you buy a house with a musty and dark basement? When you need to make decisions about home improvements in order to sell your house, think of what you would expect as a potential buyer. When the realtor opens the door to the basement, nobody would like to go down the stairs and enter the twilight zone. But anyone would be impressed by a well-lit and properly constructed basement. Basement finishing might not be a cheap project but will definitely offer a high return on your investment. And that’s not the only benefit.

Basement renovation ideas to increase the value of your house

basement_flooring_solutionsAny basement renovation project adds home value. Whether you plan to sell the house or not, you get plenty of benefits. Today, people hardly have the time to tidy up every little corner of their house. Basements remain neglected and end up being the perfect dumping spaces in the house. That’s the last thing potential buyers want to see and definitely not the way you dreamed of living. Basement projects might include:

  •  Basement waterproofing to ensure that they won’t be any damp areas and the space will be completely sealed and water-tight
  •  Floor installation and ceiling repair
  • Basement insulation so that you won’t lose energy and enjoy the perfect temperatures
  • Kitchen installation
  • Drywall Repair and installation

The looks of your basement can completely change. It can be turned into a functional space no matter what you want to use it for. What this means is that you will automatically create more room in the house whether you want to use it as a gym, man cave or playroom. If you are happy with such ideas and thing they are practical solutions so will potential buyers.

Get in the potential buyers’ shoes

Potential home buyers don’t want to make fundamental changes when they buy a new house. They like to know that the plumbing and electrical systems are both okay and there is enough space for their family. They already spend a fortune on a house. They wouldn’t like to engage in home improvements as soon as they move in and will definitely leave basement remodeling for last. When they come across a house, which is well-taken care of and has a functional basement, they are willing to pay more since they save on future expenses and the mess created with construction work. They also decide to buy fast in order not to miss the opportunity.

High payback from basement remodeling

carpet installationWhen it comes to home improvements, basement renovation brings the highest payback than any other home remodeling project. Remodeling the kitchen, bathrooms and attic are also great paybacks but basement finishing can exceed your expectations. Why? Basements flood easily, often smell bad due to high humidity, and due to their neglected structure, they don’t aspire anyone to use it for anything else than a dumping space. If you add a bathroom, insulate it, fix the walls and ceiling, waterproof it, install a new floor and choose a modern basement design, you automatically transform it and enlarge the house. And everyone needs more living space or neat storage room these days. Since the walls and ceiling are already there, why don’t plan a basement project that will compensate your expense as soon as it sells?